About me

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Feeling more connected to your own inner wisdom enables you to make the changes you yearn for, and to meet life’s challenges. 

I have a diploma in counselling. My training is at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London,where I am currently working towards completing an MA in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy. The course is validated by Middlesex University and accredited by UKCP.

As member, I abide by the ethical frameworks of UKCP (UK council of Psychotherapy) and APP (Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners)

My therapeutic approach includes talking as well as working with dreams, intuition, imagination and the body, to allow what we are usually not aware of to speak and guide us. 

 I offer long and short-term sessions, and can help and support with the following:

  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Loss of meaning in life 
  • Anxiety and Stress 
  • Work related challenges
  • Depression and Fatigue
  • Addiction and Mood disorders
  • Eating disorders and Body-image concerns 
  • Anxiety and Low self-esteem
  • Childhood Trauma
There is a road I know I must go, even though I tell myself that road is closed  –  Allessi Brothers